Water Damage Noblesville

What to do after a Flood: Water Damage Restoration in Noblesville IN

The Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA, considers flooding as one of the common hazards in the country and the city of Noblesville, Indiana is no exception to this. This is why local and state agencies like FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security never cease to disseminate flood awareness campaigns. The Stay Afloat campaign of the state, for instance, lists what you should do not only before and during a flood but afterwards as well.

The sight of flood water receding, debris and all the damage that flood left will initially make you want to start remediation immediately. But whether you hire a water damage Noblesville contractor or do the cleanup yourself, there are safety precautions that you have to consider.

First, make sure that your neighborhood and house has been declared safe to re-enter if you have been asked to evacuate your home during the flooding incident. Listen to the radio and any announcements for news of any impending rain or flooding that might still occur. Be up to date for other advisories from the Indiana Department of Homeland Security, FEMA and the National Weather Service.

On your way home, stay away from moving water. The current of any water that reaches 6 inches deep can still be very dangerous. Flood water may also be covering a hole or any deep areas which could cause you or your family to drown or be injured.
Flood-free roads may not be safe to walk on as well. Be careful in areas where the flood has already receded. These areas may have weakened and may be unsafe. Sharp objects, fuel or sewage can be scattered all over streets after a flood.

FEMA also advices that you should stay out of any building when it is still surrounded by water. So, the flood water surrounding your home should already have receded before you enter. You should also do a preliminary inspection from the outside. Make sure that your home is safe to enter; your electrical supply should be turned off.

Once inside, make another inspection to gauge the amount of cleanup and repairs that will be needed. However, be careful when walking around to avoid slipping or tripping over debris that flood has brought in. Then gather all the things that you and your family will need. Consider safety first, so wear protective gear and use sanitizers.
Lastly, listen for any news of where you can get a clean supply of water for sanitizing after cleanups and for drinking. Your faucet water will not be potable until a few days after a flood.

Cleaning up after a flood is imperative so that damage to a home can be repaired and all health hazards are removed. If you assess, however, that a cleanup will be too dangerous or too big of a job for you and your family, then it is best to wait for your insurance provider and a water damage contractor in Noblesville.